Hi, my name is Emily Mulkeen, and I am ceramic artist making ocean inspired functional pottery at the Jersey Shore.


Originally from New Jersey, I studied at Cedar Crest College in Allentown, PA and graduated in 2009 with a BS in Studio Arts with a concentration in Ceramics. Following school I made pottery out my a small home studio in Jersey City, NJ before relocating to Walnut Creek, CA, for a California adventure.  After almost three years in California, this Jersey girl was missing the salt air.  My family made the journey back to our hometown in Point Pleasant, NJ.  I live here with my husband, Matt, our daughter, and our four-legged child, Bromley. 

After graduating from CCC, I struggled to find my path, and took five years to develop my skills professionally.  During this time, I’ve continued to work on my craft, and hone my skills on the wheel in my spare time.  Our move to California was the best thing I did for my art. I found my artistic voice and a great community of ceramic artists in my community studio in Berkeley, CA.  During summer of 2015, I decided to jump back into making with two feet.  Now that we're settled in New Jersey, I'm ecstatic to be making pottery out of my home studio full time.  

I am deeply inspired by the beauty and power of the ocean and all of the creatures that thrive in it’s ecosystem. I treasure the time I get to spend gathering with my family and friends at the Jersey Shore all year long. I strive to create pieces that bring people together to enjoy the good times and bring a touch of this special place into every home.
— Emily Mulkeen